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Have You Seen Me? Top 3 Pants Found On Florida's East Coast Dunes

Have You Seen Me? Top 3 Pants Found On Florida's East Coast Dunes

When visiting our beaches do you ever wonder what some of the beautiful plants and wildflowers are on the dunes?  It’s a harsh environment for sure, with blazing sun, salt spray and dry, blowing sand. But some plants do thrive, and these coastal wildflowers create a natural beauty found nowhere else. Here are three you are likely to see.


  1. Sea Oats, (Uniola paniculata)

This native plant is so important to our dunes’ health that is protected by the state. Sea Oats rely on the sand blowing into its grassy blades to help hold it up. When running for your frisbee, make sure you do not disturb the Sea Oats.


  1. Dune Sunflower, (Helianthus debilis)

A sprawling groundcover, Dune Sunflower (or Dune Daisy) is a cousin of our towering sunflowers. The tiny yellow petals and black center steal the show on the dunes. This beauty can be found from the shores of Florida all the way up to Maine.


  1. Indian Blanket Flower, (Gaillardia pulchella)

Colors of this showy native range from yellow to red to orange. It attracts many pollinators and makes a great addition to any landscape, not just our dunes. Although gaillardia is not long-lived, it renews itself by readily self-seeding.


Florida is full of beautiful nature and wildlife, and some of the most eye-catching treasures could be right around the corner from you! And whether you're an expert on Florida's nature or ready to get your hands dirty, swing by Lindley's for all things plants and more!

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