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Looking to Add Some Color to Your Garden? Top Tips from a Local Nursery

Looking to Add Some Color to Your Garden? Top Tips from a Local Nursery

There’s nothing like a lush lawn and leafy foliage to add vibrancy to your outdoor spaces and make your yard inviting. However, if you want to create a true outdoor oasis, elevating the appeal of your exterior with some color is vital.

If you’re overwhelmed by the wealth of options, don’t despair. There are a few tips and tricks to help you get the variety you crave with flora that suits your yard, your preferred level of maintenance, and your personal style sensibilities.

Add Flower Beds

The easiest way to add color to any garden is with flowers. Your local nursery will have plenty of options ideal for your planting zone, and you can narrow them down by letting a helpful team member know whether you’re planting in full sun, partial sun, or shadier areas around your yard.

You can choose a single color family to add the simplicity of tonal design, or you can opt for a riot of color — with flowers that bloom at different times, so you always have color. 

If flower beds require too much maintenance, consider planter beds or even a container garden to add splashes of color to key locations like patios, pergolas, seating areas, and so on. You can also add complementary colors with the pots you choose.

Consider Foodscaping

These days, you don’t necessarily have to separate a vegetable garden from the rest of your landscaping. Foodscaping makes produce perform double duty by adding edible plants to your existing landscape.

Fruit trees, berry bushes, leafy greens, squashes, herbs, and more can all imbue your yard with color and beauty. And when you take care to irrigate and fertilize with food-safe products, you’ll enjoy the bonus of a bounty for your table throughout the growing season.

Consult with Your Local Nursery

The best way to add color and curb appeal to your yard is with the help of a trusted landscaping supplier. The right professionals can guide you toward plants that will add beauty and visual variety without unduly impacting your maintenance schedule.

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