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Your Edgewater Nursery Shares 3 Plants that Can Grow from Cuttings

Your Edgewater Nursery Shares 3 Plants that Can Grow from Cuttings

It’s always exciting to learn that a plant can grow from leaf cuttings. Gardeners are typically used to planting seeds and hoping for the best. Leaf and stem cuttings can produce some of the most gorgeous plants out there. Here are three plants that can grow from cuttings alone. 

1.  African Violets

African violets can be propagated from leaf cuttings. As long as the leaves from the original plant are healthy and free of disease, feel free to use them for new African violet plants. 

You will want to choose leaves from the middle of the host plant since they are the youngest. The result is a gorgeous purple flowering plant that is sure to brighten any room. 

2.  Citrus

Citrus trees can produce various types of citrus fruits. When it comes to propagating citrus plants, you can use tip cuttings. 

There are some special considerations for these leaf cuttings because of the high rate of fatal diseases in citrus trees. However, once you have ensured the health and safety of your citrus cuttings, plant away! You should see budding within a few weeks. 

3.  Poinsettia 

Poinsettia plants have many old cuttings that you want to avoid when propagating. If you cut the stems, the plant will have space to grow new useful cuttings. You will need to cut the stems at three to four inches long with two to three mature leaves. Healthy stem cuttings will produce a healthy, beautiful poinsettia plant. 

Explore Your Local Nursery

If you need commercial landscaping supplies or guidance on the best plants to grow, visit your local Edgewater nursery. The staff can help you find plants that can grow from cuttings, whether it be tip or stem cuttings. Soon you will be on your way to beautifully propagating plants!

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