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At Lindley's, we're passionate about plants, pottery and other elements that can help you enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest! Our gorgeous 3000 square-foot New Smyrna Beach plant nursery is the perfect place to bask in Florida sunshine while browsing for inspiration or planning the perfect patio oasis. We don't just provide the gardening expertise you need - we also supply the friendly, neighborly service and big ideas you deserve, too! Visit or call us today to learn what we can do for your outdoor space. 

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Botanical Blog
Your Edgewater Nursery Shares 3 Plants that Can Grow from Cuttings

It’s always exciting to learn that a plant can grow from leaf cuttings. Gardeners are typically used to planting seeds and hoping for the best. Leaf and stem cuttings can produce some of the most gorgeous plants out there. Here are three plants that can grow from cuttings alone. 

Repotting Basics for New Smyrna Beach Landscaping: Keep Your Plants Happy During the Move

When you have to move your plants, it can be stressful. You might worry that repotting will harm your plants and ruin all of your hard work. However, if you follow the basics of repotting and transporting your plants, they will continue to thrive. Here are some tips for repotting and moving your plants.

From Our Clients

We absolutely love Lindley’s. The staff is always so kind and helpful and the plants are healthy and well priced.

- Amber Lawson

They always have something irresistible. I learn tips to enhance our gardens. Thanks for being here in our little beach town!

- Cindy Carter Jones

Very knowledgeable & friendly staff. Large selection of plants, pottery, & gardening needs. Love Lindley's

- Mary Hughes
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