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Repotting Basics for New Smyrna Beach Landscaping: Keep Your Plants Happy During the Move

Repotting Basics for New Smyrna Beach Landscaping: Keep Your Plants Happy During the Move

When you have to move your plants, it can be stressful. You might worry that repotting will harm your plants and ruin all of your hard work. However, if you follow the basics of repotting and transporting your plants, they will continue to thrive. Here are some tips for repotting and moving your plants. 

Choose the Right Pot Size

If you choose a pot that is too big for your plant, you might accidentally overwater it or cause root rot. This happens when a plant is surrounded by too much soil and water and the roots cannot thrive. The pot should be no bigger than what your plant needs with the root size included. 

Be Delicate with the Roots 

The roots of your plants are fragile and can easily become damaged during repotting. Make sure you gently untangle them before repotting your plants in your New Smyrna Beach landscaping. You want to ensure the roots can receive enough nutrition from the soil without breaking them in the process. 

The roots have probably taken the shape of the previous pot, so this process may take some delicate care and patience. 

Give Your Plants Time to Adjust

Avoid overwatering your plants right after repotting. Some plants don’t need water for at least a week after repotting. They need time to adjust to the new environment. It is safe to lightly water a plant immediately, but don’t drench the soil. Your plants will adapt to the new pot and start to thrive soon. 

Visit a Gardening Center

Gardening centers usually have plant experts to help you with your plants. Botanists and gardeners have experience moving thousands of plants from one pot to another. They can answer your questions and guide you on the best repotting practices. 

If you are unsure about any part of the repotting process, visit a nursery in New Smyrna Beach, FL. 

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