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Holiday Plant Care

Holiday Plant Care


Poinsettias prefer indirect to bright light in the home and no direct sunlight outside. They prefer temperatures above 45 degrees. Remove the plants from saucers or pot covers to
water. Water plants when the surface is dry and let drain thoroughly. Overwatering will cause root rot. Once blooming, poinsettias do not need fertilizer to stay in color for the season.

Poinsettias After Holidays

Poinsettias set bud and produces flowers as autumn nights lengthen and days shorten. So, when looking for a place to plant your poinsettia, avoid locations with nighttime light from outside street lights or house lamps, which may impact their blooming. As the bracts begin to discolor, usually by March or April, it is time to plant your poinsettia in the landscape. Pruning may be required during the summer months to keep the plants bushy and compact, but do not prune after Sept. 1. Begin fertilizing with a 20-20-20 water-soluble fertilizer around the first of October.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus are tropical, so do not tolerate temperatures under 40-45 degrees, making them an excellent houseplant. Plan to water only once per week and mist periodically to create humidity. Outdoors in dry conditions they may need water twice a week. Indoors or out, they prefer bright, indirect light. Prune after finished blooming or the first of March each year.

Wreaths and greens

It is best for you to mist your wreaths or fresh greens daily to keep them fresh. Keeping
them away from direct sunlight will help them last longer.

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